Friday, February 23, 2007

kick me baby one more time

(Did you get my Britney reference with the title up there? I'm still feeling sorry for her. I have Britney on the brain.)

So here I am, in week 18 of pregnancy, i.e., the most stressful time of my life. We are still in the midst of some stressful testing, and ugh ugh ugh, anyone who tells you it's a glowy, happy, smiley time, is, well, luckier than me. But it's had its moments, don't get me wrong. This week, I believe I have finally felt some movement that is not gas-related (and if you are saying ewww, stop right here, because everything related to pregnancy is gross, and has at least some "ew" factor to it). Anywho, you know if you have gas, you can feel some sort of "bubbles" in your stomach? Well, that's a lot of what it's like to feel a baby move around at first. You sit there and contemplate every single sensation that you feel, and think, "is this it?" "is this it?" until at some point, you realize that if you actually did have that much gas, you'd probably just explode.

So I believe The Troublemaker (that is what it is being called this week, in my nicer moments) is making its move. Communication from the other side is strange. I guess it turns out I'm not just getting fat!


Flann said...

Yay! I'm glad you have a nickname for it, though The Troublemaker is a little long. Maybe TM for short?

lgaumond said...

Aww, baby wiggles! And talk of gas, what's better than that? Don't worry too much, it'll be fine. Women have been having babies long before there were hospitals and tests. Just be thankful you won't have to give birth squatting over a patch of hay. Lave it to me to point out the bright spots. :)