Wednesday, August 13, 2008

no readers allowed!

If you're reading this, you know I've now set restrictions on who reads my blog. There is a long story attached to this, and most of you have already heard it. Not getting into it here. Aside from that, I have been thinking for some time about this blog, and the kind of information I put up here. I love reading back on old posts from last year, from when Jane was an infant, but as she gets older, I really have struggled with what kind of information I put about her out there on the interwebs (sorry, Lisa).

I am contemplating taking down this blog and starting a new one. One with less about my kid, and more about...all that other boring stuff I talk about. Which sucks, because I have over two years of scintillating material on here already, and I'd hate to start over new. If I do make that decision, I will of course let you know. Stay tuned.

PS If there is someone you know who reads this god-awful boring blog, let me know and I'll invite them to be a reader.


lgaumond said...

I forgive you for saying "Interwebs". Actually I accidentally said it the other day and then had to slap myself.

My mom would love super-special super-secret access. She likes your writing. I'll email her your email address.

Amanda said...

I am very excited your mom wants to be one of my super-exclusive blog readers! Just give me her email address and she'll get the ultra-fancy invite!