Thursday, May 08, 2008


This whole entirely fucked up nasty event happened on Tuesday night that involved literally hundreds of mosquitoes. Shane asked if I was going to write about it on the blog; I said that it was way too long a story to type, plus it works better if I act it out for you live. Instead, I present you with this haiku:

The mosquitoes came.
They invaded my whole house.
Now they are gone. Phew.

The end.


lgaumond said...

OK, that haiku wasn't long enough for me. Please compose it over in limerick form and tell me at lunch tomorrow.

And by the way, what's next? A meteor hitting the house?

Dear universe,
Please cut this nice lady a break. Perhaps you're confusing her with someone else who deserves this crap.
A friend

Shane said...

I got mentioned on the blog!

I'm officially famous.