Thursday, May 01, 2008

the weather. we are under it.

So, everyone in Casa Me, My Dogs, My Life is sickity sick sick sick. I got the call around noon that Jane had a stomach bug (I will refrain from the details) and both Greg and I have a cold. We are all still recovering. Poor Jane! I hate seeing her sick and I want her to be better, stat. For those of you keeping track, this is the fifth illness in a month and a half. I could go on and on for paragraphs about all the reasons why I am miserable and so sick (literally and figuratively) of daycare, etc, etc, on and on, et al, to infinity and beyond. But instead, I will tell you the one reason I am glad I'm home sick today:

The cast of Sex and the City is on Oprah today! Hells to the yeah! I'm psyched.

I am also posting this pic of Jane that Lisa posted on her blog the other day - she took it at a party we were all at on Friday night, in ye olden days of healthiness. This is one of my favorite pics of Jane yet!


lgaumond said...

Should I wear my haz-mat suit when I come pick you up on Sunday?

Flann said...

Holy crap, she's gorgeous. She looks so much different in this picture. Like she's really developing into a person. :)

Is this the one Lisa posted or does she have another one? Her blog always crashes my browser so I haven't read it in weeks. :(

Amanda said...

Yeah this is the one Lisa posted. She takes a fine picture, that Lisa!

Oh and Lisa - yes, please wear a Hazmat suit. : )