Tuesday, April 29, 2008

what have you done for me, lately?

Dear Blog,
Hey! Remember me? It's me - Jimmy! Yeah, the old lady keeps forgetting to talk about me on the blog now, because of that little drooly thing she's always lugging around. What is WITH that thing, anyway? It cries and poops and makes a mess, and she still won't get rid of it. Wait a minute - now that I think about it, it does sound a little bit like me.
Anyway, the old lady calls this blog "Me, my dogs, my life" but me and my bro are never featured anymore, which is obviously wicked lame. We've been pretty busy, after all. We've been going down to my new boat with the old guy, who tries to fix things on it and spends a lot of time screaming and yelling at boat parts. But Junior and I have a lot of fun. I'm glad they finally bought a boat for me, because I have my sea legs and I wanna use them!
I've been spending a lot of my time barking at the neighbors and birds and squirrels and stuff. Now that it's light out early in the morning, I can kick things off before 6 a.m., but for some reason, I'm always getting yelled at for it. Well, who's going to tell them about the rabbits in the backyard, if I don't? Yeesh.
I've also been enjoying the new toys that the drooly thing has. There are lots of nice, brand new stuffed animals and plastic things that I've enjoyed ripping apart. Hey, she's not using them - why can't I? The drool-factory has also been eating some delicious new foods, and whenever I can, I have a taste too.
So that's about it here. They've been ignoring me, so if anyone wants to invite me over or take me on a field trip this summer, I'm game, and my bro is too. This place has gotten way lame.

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lgaumond said...

Yay Jimmy! You and your bro are welcome to have a field trip at my house ANY TIME!