Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was going to write a really interesting, comical, scintillating blog post about my fascinating life* - but then I realized that I haven't really heard from you. Or you. You either. You've been better than the rest of us, so you get a free pass from this shout out.

So while you are composing blog-worthy updates on your lives, I'm taking a break from the computer this weekend. I think I'm getting a case of ADD, because I'm constantly multi-tasking in the evenings and often that means the computer is in my lap, a book or magazine is to my side, and the TV is on. I'm finding that while trying to focus on everything, I'm focusing on nothing. So the computer will stay off.**

Talk to you Monday!

*Not really.
**Except to check work email. Because I have to worry about something going on on Sunday. Well I don't have to worry, but I will.

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Flann said...

I blogged a pic from tonight's Sox game!

Really, I need to write stuff down. I compose blog posts all day, then I get home from work and the gym and I'm wiped out and they just vanish. I'll try harder.