Tuesday, February 03, 2009

how is it only tuesday?

A rant:

Jane has been pukey sick since Sunday. Greg and I have had to juggle like nobody's business to have coverage at home and both get the work done that we need to get done. Doesn't help that this is an extremely busy work week for me. Also - I don't like when I'm puked upon repeatedly.

I also have some weird bump (cyst? deadly cyst? something that will kill me?) on my hand, under the skin, below my middle finger, that's freaking me the hell out. I just noticed it on Friday. I went to the walk -n on Saturday, they did an x-ray, and said it was a bone cyst. I don't believe them, because Dr. Google tells me a bone cyst is a cavity within the bone - not a bump on the bone. SO, that's fun. Back to the doctor next week. No time this week.

Also, snow. WTF, snow? I hate it so much, with the power of a thousand firey suns, I HATE IT. I am so ready for summer. I will never complain about the heat again, so help me God, I swear it - even if I have the rays of a thousand firey suns BEAMING RIGHT ON ME.

I feel: frustrated, miserable, tired, like a bad mother, like a bad employee, like a selfish, sucky, naggy, uggghh bleeecchhhh blah blah blah.

Aren't you glad you asked? Oh wait - you didn't.


lgaumond said...

I've been feeling very uggghh bleeecchhhh blah blah blah lately, too.

I'm not certain, but the fact that you worry that you're a bad mother and bad employee probably means that you're very much the opposite.

I need to make you a cake.

Flann said...

Whoa. You're the third person is as many weeks that I know of who has that exact same bump in that exact same place.