Friday, January 30, 2009

good stuff friday

So, here I was, lamenting the fact that this week has been a doozy (again? I guess it's the norm, huh?). Between an unexpected doctor's appointment for me, a scheduled, but intensely frenzied 18-month doctor's appointment for Jane (as you saw on Facebook and/or Twitter, she Freaked. The. Eff. Out. Like nobody's business. The doctor said it was normal. I think I sweated out my soul in that office yesterday.), this week has been full of, oh, how you say, adventure. So I was wondering what I could list as "good" for "Good Stuff Friday."

And then.

Then I logged on to my blog this morning, and saw that Lisa created a new, surprise banner for me - my favorite ever! That is the goodiest of the Good Stuff Friday list. Also:

*Although Jane's appointment was brain-shredding, she got a good report. She's up to 25 lbs, 31 inches, and full of all of the quirky characteristics typical of a toddler. Number one on that list: regarding nurses and doctors as PURE EVIL.

*My doctor's appointment went fine as well. I'll spare you the details. No, I'm not pregnant.

*I managed to get a respectable amount of work done this week during the 2.5 days I was working from home. I find working from home....challenging......when I have my little companion with me. But Jane was at daycare 1.5 of those days, so that was a huge factor in getting shat done.

*I did the 30 Day Shred three days this week so far. And since everything hurts, I know it's working, right? RIGHT? Jillian says that the pain is fear leaving the body. I wish it was my fat ass leaving my body.

What's your good stuff this week?


lgaumond said...

I thought you might need some inspiration for Good Stuff Friday(tm). That banner idea has been in my head for a while now. I'm glad you like it!

And RE:Jillian, as I was miserably crunching last night and she said that about fear leaving the body, I thought to myself, I'm not scared - I'm MAD. Does that mean I get to stop?

OK, good stuff... I got a snow day from work on Wednesday, I bought a new lens for my camera, and yesterday I found a painting that I love at the Salvation Army for $2.49. Not a bad week!

Bridget said...

Love the new banner! Good stuff, eh? How about this: When my alarm went off this morning it wasn't dark for the first time since early November. The sun is coming back! The sun is coming back! She's coming! Have hope!

Alan said...

Love the new banner. Lisa does good work!

Good stuff - finally getting some problematic potions at work finished. Got to the gym every day this week. Finally feeling back into work for the new year. Lousy weather earlier this week didn't mess things up too much. Had some pine siskins (birds) visit the yard. Learned a lot of interesting stuff about a bunch of Facebook friends via the "25 random facts about me" thing that's making the rounds. Heading to Mass. tomorrow for a little getaway. Good stuff!

Alan said...

Oh and I'll second Bridget's comment about the sun returning. I left work at 5:00 tonight and it was still light out!

Audrey said...

I really like the new banner too! It's very very cute. :)

I had an incredibly good stuff moment this week that you know about but I'll reiterate because I'm so freaking excited about it...I'M (most likely) GOING TO LONDON IN APRIL! And I don't have to pay for my plane tickets! WOO HOO! Without a doubt I'm bringing my laptop so that I can blog about the journey.