Wednesday, January 21, 2009

down for the count

Ugh. I'm home sick today. I was finally taken down by the cold that has been plaguing my house for weeks now. I feel like I live in a daycare sometimes, I really do. I sent Jane off to daycare, Greg's going out for meetings, so it's me, the dogs, and the DVR today, with intermittent work stuff here and there.

I'm watching inauguration specials that I recorded last night. That Michelle Obama looked gorgeous, didn't she? I heard some people chatting about yesterday's events when I was dropping Jane off this morning. They were wondering why people were so obsessed with what Michelle and the girls were wearing, when there were so many bigger issues to focus on. I thought that people were probably focusing on those small - but much more fun - topics for the time being, because the economy, the wars, and the general state of the world is so scary right now, it's a lot more pleasant to discuss the designers and the general historic moment we all witnessed yesterday, than the craptastic headlines we all have to face head-on, sooner or later.

I am hoping to soon post about all the success I've been having with Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, except that I've only been able to do it once since I received it on Saturday, between being sick, a pulled out back, and a swollen hand (I smacked it on the corner of a drawer). I'm a mess!

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