Saturday, January 24, 2009

good stuff friday (and by friday, I mean saturday)

I've been called out by Alan for not having done a Good Stuff Friday entry this week. I'm starting to think that doing Good Stuff Friday is a bad idea, because I always seem to have to lead in with a big explanation about how crazy my week has been, and this week is no different. Everyone in my house has been sick all week (just with bad colds, nothing more dramatic than that, KNOCK ON WOOD), but the thing is, a toddler doesn't care a) if she has boogers all over her face and 2) the fact that maybe, just maybe, you might want to SIT DOWN FOR A SECOND and try to relax. So getting better has been a challenge. That said, some good stuff did happen this week:

*Hello, Tuesday? Most awesome day this country has seen in a long time. I realized I hadn't been happy about an inauguration for 12 years. Since I was 23, i.e., a billion years ago. I thought Obama really brought the bad-ass to his speech.

*I finally received Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred from Amazon, so now I'm only weeks away from being able to kick some ass, just like Jillian. Except, you know, not really. But I will be able to kick more ass than I currently can. Problem is, I've only been able to do it once this week, because of how craptastic I've been feeling. As soon as I can breathe, I'm back on the plan.

*I found a couple of old friends from back in ye olden high school days on Facebook (not from my high school, just friends I had when I was in high school). Oh Facebook, how I love thee.

*LOST is back, and, as usual, it's the best mindf**k ever.

Have a great weekend! And please post your good stuff in comments, just so I can continue to prove to myself how lame I am.


Alan said...

Oh, I so did not "call you out". I mentioned that I enjoy your Good Stuff Friday feature and was inquiring hopefully if there would be one this week. I am relieved that there is one.

I think that "a toddler doesn't care if she has boogers all over her face" should be considered a good thing from this week!

My good stuff from this week also includes inauguration day. I took Tuesday off to watch so I had a very nice four day weekend. LOST is back so my love/hate relationship with the show continues. We have some lovely plans for this weekend including two birthday parties and Indian food tomorrow. Todd and I will actually be spending these events together instead of communicating as we have the past three days via e-mail and post-it notes. Good stuff Fri... Saturday!!

I have a question about the 30 Day Shred - does she yell on the DVD like she does on The Biggest Loser? That might be an entertaining watch just for the yelling and the screaming and the abuse she piles on people.

Maggie May said...

aw hug it out bitches! that phrase cracks me up.

lgaumond said...

I love the good stuff! And I'm always amazed that you can find the good in a week full of boogers, germs, and pulled backs.

Sadly Alan, no, she doesn't yell on the Shred DVD. But you do still want to punch her in the face.

Krystal said...

Inauguration Day was the best part of my week too! Probably the best part of my year( ya, I know it's still January)!
Hope you guys all get back to felling better!

The Diva said...

I would like to point out that the "backup girls" on the Shred DVD look like they are about to die. This makes me feel mildly, all though not totally, better.

Alan said...

Oh, Lisa!! I almost peed myself when I read your comment - "But you do still want to punch her in the face." Todd watches the show and I've many times thought I would do the same if she was yelling at me like that. Oh, my side hurts...

Melissa, I'm certain Jillian yells at the back-up girls off camera!