Friday, January 16, 2009

good stuff friday

I gotta tell ya, I think doing this "good stuff friday" thing might work out a little bit better if I wasn't so desperately trying to fish for good things that happened at the tail end of a week where I feel like I've barely kept it together (this is most weeks). This was, once again, a super busy week at work, but it doesn't mean that good stuff didn't happen.

*Last weekend I met a friend for dinner who I haven't seen in a year. We have a long and complicated friendship and I'm so happy I was able to see her, and that things are good between us. I was also very happy about the 1.5 margaritas I drank during dinner.

*I saw a dirty puppet show.

*I met some cool and funny actor-type people. Not bad work, if you can find it.

*This weekend is a three-day weekend. I wish it was a three-month weekend, but I'll take what I can get.

*This guy is gonna rule the world in four days.

*I have plans with friends Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes I tend to just hole up with my family during the weekends; I'm glad I'm getting off my ass and socializing.

Have a great weekend!

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