Wednesday, June 17, 2009

vacation, continued

More vacation fun times over the past couple of days. The only major drag is the fact that I'm just still not feeling well - overall lethargic, cold, headachy, etc. I thought I would be rid of this by now. But anyway - yesterday we had my friend Cathy and her daughter Olivia, who is a couple of months younger than Jane, over. It's cool to see them really play now, instead of just sit next to each other like lumpy infants. After they left, Jane took a power nap, and it was so long that I decided she might be sick, which of course stressed me out (I like to infuse as much stress into my vacations as possible). Last night I went to dinner with two of my theater peeps, and then went to a theater board meeting (whoo to the hoo).
Today we went to visit my friend Betsy and her two girls. Jane was thrilled to be in a house with all-new-to-her toys. After Tornado Jane ripped through their house, we went home - Jane napped and I sat on the back deck and read (currently reading "American Wife" by Curtis Sittenfeld - very good - loosely based on the life of Laura Bush). As you can see, the dogs also enjoyed the limited sunshine we've had this week. After Jane got up, we went to West Hartford Center and Jane proceeded to demand I carry her for a good 1.5 miles. That's a heavy, squirmy load! That's her in the last picture, wreaking havoc on Starbucks.
Not that exciting a report, I admit - which is why I give you more pics!


lgaumond said...

Hey I have a picture just like that of me in Starbucks from last week.

Did you redo your deck? The boards look shiny new and the white railing is definitely new. Now I really can't wait until the 4th of July.

Amanda said...

Yup, deck is re-done! : )