Friday, February 12, 2010


So this week has been a doozy.

The fine weather forecasters had been informing us of the GREATEST MOST GIGANTIC SNOWSTORMAGEDDONPOCALYPSE that would be hitting us on Wednesday. So even though when I woke up on Wednesday morning the snow wasn't falling yet, I kept Jane home and decided to work from home, and just waited for the many, many promised inches of white stuff to fall from the sky.

And the snow wasn't coming. And it was actually starting to look like the sun came out. And I felt more and more stupid. Until my stomach decided to revolt on my and I started throwing up.

I never get stomach bugs. Wait, let me edit that. I never GOT stomach bugs until Jane started daycare. But usually I get them FROM her. This time I'm terrified I'm going to give it TO her. I had no idea I was contageous on Wednesday morning, so of course I made no effort to stay away from her.

I spent Wednesday from about 11 a.m. on barely able to move in bed, and then Thursday I made an effort go to work, but decided I had to go back to bed after I took a shower. I was too exhausted. I finally went back to work today, but still don't feel great. And now I am just waiting for Jane and/or Greg to get sick.

So, yeah. A nasty week for sure. Oh, and I think we ended up getting about five inches of snow. But boy, am I glad I stayed home anyway.

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