Friday, April 23, 2010

weekend update.

Hey! Look at me! I'm doing one of those weekend update thingies I used to do all the time, way back in ye olden tymes when I used to, you know, have a life. Anywho, it's Friday, and woah Nellie, am I glad. This has been a challenging week in a lot of ways, none of which I will go into here, because I'd rather focus on the fact that it's Friday! And luckily, since Jane's wake up clock is set on London time, I've been celebrating Friday since 4 a.m. (PS This is killing me. I am shaking I am so tired. It is like have a very mobile newborn.) Anyway, here's what's up for the weekend:

Friday: The plan is to leave work around noon, and then go see my friend and co-worker who is wrapping up maternity leave. Tonight I am going to see a community theater production of RENT with the always-fabulous Lisa and her friend Aimee. I am a little apprehensive about this production ONLY because RENT is my all-time favorite show (this will be the 22nd time I've seen it, and the first on a community level) but from what I see in the promo photos and video, it looks like they've stuck to the original in terms of blocking, etc, so we shall see!

Saturday: Rumor has it it's going to be a really nice day, so we may head down to Essex to feed the ducks. And before you think this is a nerdy family-style thing to do, Greg and I used to do this all the time pre-Jane. So we are just flat-out nerds, kid or not.

Sunday: Rumor has it it's going to rain (hey, I'm happy at least half the weekend will be rain-free, which is unusual these days). We're supposed to go over my friend Heather's house to pick up a yard playscape thing they don't want anymore so we can set it up in our yard for Jane, but not sure if this is going to happen if it's crappy out. Other than that, not sure.

OK, what are you doing?

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Audrey said...

I'm getting up bright and early tomorrow to move furniture! Woo hoo! :-p