Tuesday, August 09, 2011

friends like these.

See that girl over there? (Not the nerdy one in the Old Navy flag tee.) That's my BF, Heather. This month, we celebrate 30 (THIRTY!!!) years of friendship. That's insane, right? Girl knows waaay too much about me.


Brandee said...

That is awesome! Cheers to a wonderful friendship!

Tracy said...

I second what Brandee said. I am going to see my oldest friend this Friday - we've been friends since the crib even though she is nine months older than me. :) I only get to see her once every few years but we always can pick right up where we left off. I love her so much. To friends. :)

Kim said...

30 years! That is incredible. You both seem to light each other up, too. I never get to see my best friend from childhood since she still lives back in PA, but this has made me so nostalgic for her.