Wednesday, August 31, 2011


You guys. YOU GUYS. The past couple of weeks have been nuts. Our power finally came back on in the middle of the night after being out for three days due to the hurricane. I am currently exhausted right now and heading to bed - but I wanted to share this picture of Jane, who is asleep in a chair in my office at work. There is a story to go with this. And I will share that, after I get a million hours of sleep.


Debra said...

Oh Jane. Oh my. The sweetness.

Brandeewine said...

I am so glad that your power came back on and that you & your family are safe. What a nasty couple of weeks you have all had.

This picture sort of sums it all up...Jane is a sweetie, and looks "plum tuckered out."

Kim said...

I think it's incredible that kids can sleep this way. There are bunches of pictures of me like that when I was small, and now if I tried to contort that way for even five minutes all my joints would scream.

Reading ahead for your Irene aftermath story and hoping that power loss didn't ruin anything else.