Saturday, September 03, 2011


I love September. First off, it's my birthday month - which is epic, of course. I will be 38 on September 23 - which feels insane to me - I mean, that number looks ENORMOUS - but it's a true fact, so I guess I have to live with it. As long as there is cake, I am happy. Presents would be nice too. Just sayin'.

I hate winter, a fact that has been well-documented here, but fall is delicious. Literally, in some ways - it's almost time for fall festivals, where all sorts of delicious treats can be found, including my very favorite apple fritters at my hometown's festival, which is in early October. There are no apple fritters like these anywhere else, I can promise you that. 

And I adore summer, but I'm a little over the heat. I think I am a bit excited for weather in the 60s - nothing below that, may I add - but I'm over humid heat at this point (though I will ALWAYS take hazy, hot and humid over cold and snow. ALWAYS AND FOREVER). And I am looking forward to buying some new brown boots this year.

It's back to school time, and, even as an adult, September brings in that new-notebook feeling- a time to start fresh. I am making a pretty major change in my life in a couple of weeks (career-wise)  that deserves a separate post, later. For now, I will just say that September has a "back to school" feeling for me for more than one reason.

More to come on that - and I hope you are having a fabulous Labor Day weekend!


Debra said...

A fellow 'fall-lover' here A. As long as I don't think about what fall is the opening act for, it's my favorite too! Need to make a BBB {BedBath&Beyond) run and pick up some new scents for the tart burner!

Hey, weren't we both going to invest in that 'light box' that Costco has to ward off the SAD?

Kim said...

Oh, yes, a nice long weekend it is. I just turned 38 a couple of weeks ago, and so far I have not sprouted any more gray hair or shaken my cane at neighborhood children on my lawn. (It's coming, though.)

I too will take summer humidity and heat over snow any day. I detest winter. All winter long, I complain and hate. If humidity makes me miserable, at least I'm quiet about it. During winter, I'm miserable and hateful. Oy. Not fit for human company.

Looking forward to hearing more about your career change, and wishing you luck! And thank you, too, for stopping by my August Break posts and checking in. I've been a terrible blogger this month and only focused on myself, but it was always so nice to see a compliment from you.

Patti said...

September feels more like a New Year to me than January.

Fall is gorgeous and bittersweet.

And what a perfect time for a birthday!

Greg said...

I probably knew this and then forgot, but.. I'm eleven days older than you.

Tracy said...

Ahhh yes, September - wonderful, beautiful September - the gateway month to Autumn. I could go on and on and usually I do. LOL! I am a Winter lover though. I like it cold and really detest Summer and heat. So I get pretty giddy around now. Waiting for the leaves to change now. :)