Monday, September 05, 2011

labor day.

I am sitting here, reading my very favorite issue of Entertainment Weekly of the whole year - the Fall TV Preview - getting ready to make a list of returning and new shows for my DVR. My DVR has had a restful summer, but it will be super busy once next week rolls around. I love new TV! I am also drinking a mega-mug of coffee, and contemlating going to a walk-in clinic, because my neck, and in particular, my ear is covered in poison ivy, and I'm afraid it's gotten INTO my ear canal - is this bad? Or, as I suspect, is there nothing they can really do about it? Because, honestly, I don't want to go to the doctor - I want to go to Mystic today, as planned.

What are you doing?


Elizabeth-Letters from a Small State said...

Poison ivy in your ear??!! I hope it is getting better. So what shows do I need to know about for fall?

Unknown said...

Oh dear! How are you doing? Hope you are okay. Poison ivy is not fun at all! Take care!