Friday, September 16, 2011

weekend update.

After a bit of a weekend update hiatus, we're back! As part of my new, reduced-hour work schedule, I really am going to try to blog more. And when better to start than on a Friday? So here's what's up this weekend:
Friday: I am currently sitting in a Barnes and Noble on my laptop, about to order a Frappuccino. So that's a good thing. Today is the first fall-feeling day of the year - and the first day I'm wearing closed-toe shoes in MONTHS. Sadfacing big-time over that. Anywho, later this afternoon I am going to meet up with some fellow daycare moms for happy hour, then going to my friend's book reading at Barnes and Noble tonight (not the one am sitting in right now). Her book is the one I edited a few months ago. Then hopefully Greg and I can go out to dinner before we have to be back for the sitter.
Saturday: Off to the boat during the day, I believe. Then at night I will be going to a staged-reading of the first half of Angels in America. My friend Todd is part of it. Really psyched about this, as I have never seen that play, and it's such a landmark production in American drama. Although, from what I understand, not so much of a laugh-riot, what with it being about AIDS in the 80s and all.
Sunday: The EPIC WEDDING of my former co-workers Audrey and Shane. Epic. Ness. That is all.
And what are you up to? Let me know in comments!

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Kim said...

This is a week after your request (sorry!) but if I remember correctly, I was hacking up a lung and a half with the first fall cold of the year. Oh, and I was making love to my bottle of Nyquil, Hawt.