Thursday, September 29, 2011

wish you were here.

So, my family is doing some traveling over the new few weeks.

Greg is going to Mexico for a few days next week.

My mother is going on a Mediterannean cruise (Italy, Greece, Turkey) for a couple of weeks in October, and, oh, throwing in a couple of days in Rome at the end, just for fun.

My brother is going to Canada for a long weekend in mid-October.

Oh, and me? I am going to Pennsylvania - PROBABLY - for two days.

Which of these things doesn't belong?


Stereo said...

Lmao gosh but I mean...maybe...

I've got nothing. Sorry, bud.

Lora said...

Philadelphia, per chance?

Amanda said...

No, not Philly - too bad!

Kim said...

Ahahahahaha! I'm from PA and I know your pain. Oh, this was funny.