Wednesday, September 28, 2011

two items of (possible) interest.

Jimmy, enjoying the ride home

Here are the two things that I have decided to share with you today, to illustrate the glamour of my life.

Thing, the first: I got a part in the play that I auditioned for on Sunday! Yay! I am such a huge community theater nerd, so it is apropos that the play I will be appearing in is called The Nerd. NO, I am not playing the nerd; however, I did get a pretty big part. Since I had Jane, I've mainly directed or helped out on the tech end of shows. The last show I was in was a triumphant production of Love Letters with my friend Alan when I was four months preggo. (OK, "triumphant" might be a big word, but I was and still am extremely proud of that show and the chance to work with my very good friend in a two-person production. Also, I made people cry, which is a triumph, I think.) (NOTE: They were not crying because of my bad acting.)  Anyway, rehearsals start on Sunday. Whoo hoo! I hope I can still remember lines!

Thing, the second: This is, what I would call, the polar opposite of the first thing, in terms of glamour. This afternoon I took Jimmy to get his anal glands expressed at the vet. Yeah, that's right: we are blessed with a dog who  needs to have this done periodically, and it is just as lovely as it sounds. You can actually learn how to do it yourself, but I would MUCH rather pay the $20 to have someone else do it.

Along with his glandular issues, Young James also gets chronic yeast infections in his ears (it's a good thing he's cute) and so I had them confirm that he had yet another one (which they did) and give me new meds (which, I suspect, list GOLD as a prime ingredient as the total visit ended up costing me $119).

So Jimmy is happy with his empty butt and clean ears, and I am broke, but in a play.

What's up with your week?


Dwayne "The Train" said...

"of dog butts and theater"

best blog subtitle ever.

Anonymous said...

Ewwwwwwwww. If Ruby ever gets in that predicament, she will insist on visiting with you since you know what you're doing. You are SUCH a good friend!

Lora said...

holy crap, that's so awesome! Congrats!

And good news about the play too ;)

lgaumond said...

Yay! Looking forward to seeing you in The Nerd. You made me cry during Love Letters and I can say most definitely it was not from bad acting. It might have been the uncomfortable cabaret chairs, but I don't think so.