Saturday, September 24, 2011

birthday weekend update.

Thank you for the birthday wishes that so many of you sent yesterday! It's true - yesterday I turned 38. I intend to try to have the great year that everyone asked me to have - I certainly had a great birthday! So although this weekend update is a bit late, I will review yesterday too, because it was such a fun day:

Friday: Worked, then went to lunch with my friend Jen, which was delicious. Then I headed off to Barnes & Noble (RIP Borders) for some quality book-buying, magazine-reading and iced latte-drinking time. After that, I rushed off to happy hour with some daycare moms - this is fast becoming a weekly tradition, and we had a blast. Then I ran home to eat cake with Greg and Jane before the babysitter showed up, after which Greg and I went to dinner and a movie (Contagion - gross but good, although not as good as Outbreak - not that it mattered, I just LOVE going to the movies!). Best birthday present? Tix to see The Book of Mormon again (not til the spring, though.) NOTE: Matt Stone and Trey Parker will be on "60 Minutes" talking about BOM and "South Park" tomorrow night. LOVE them.

Saturday: Well, we had plans to go to the Bronx Zoo today, but it's nasty out, so we'll have to do that another time. We do want to head up to UConn to see the cows and horses, and then hit this local pizza place up in Storrs that makes this ridiculous baked potato pizza that is sooooo good.

Sunday: Greg has a boat charter, so Jane and I are solo. I have to help out with a clean-up of our theater rehearsal hall (the basement is where we keep set stuff, costumes, props....soooo much crap) and it needs to be organized big time. I project that Jane will be less than helpful, but she will be joining me nevertheless. Off to my mom's later.

That's my weekend! What are you doing?

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