Wednesday, September 07, 2011


For the first time ever, I am taking an e-course - Chookooloonks' Path Finder course, geared towards people in a transitional point in their lives. For "anyone who is in a place of transition, professionally or personally; or who is just looking to inject a bit more awesome into his/her life," as she puts it. I am definitely in a place of transition, career-wise (more on that soon), so it really seemed perfect for this point in my life.

Basically, five days a week for five weeks, participants receive journal prompts that invite introspection, along with instruction to journal daily in the morning as well. Now, I haven't actually written in a journal in years and years - since my early 20s - so it feels brand-new again. But so far, I like it. It's not too hippy-dippy and it's super-positive. Karen Walrond (the author/photographer of Chookooloonks) is a master journal-keeper, and she gives lots of creative tips to make it fun and easy. There is also a community site for participants.

I know she is planning on having a late fall session as well - so I will update at the end to tell you if it was worth it. If you're interested in the details - go here.

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Patti said...

Good for you! Are you also planning on reverbing in December?

Let us know how the course goes.