Friday, May 11, 2012

weekend update.

I’m not even going to start with the excuses on why I haven’t been blogging lately. You know the drill:
*Birthday parties*Freelance work*Rehearsals*More birthday parties
One excuse I don’t have is sleep, because man oh man, I have NOT been sleeping well lately. This week when I got home from rehearsal at night I was blasting through my book club book (Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand – a hilarious story of a WWII POW – and by “hilarious” I mean “horrific”). I hadn’t read a word of it until Sunday, so for the past five days, finishing this 400-page beast was my goal. Which I did. Because I am awesome.  Well….awesome with a side of dark circles under my eyes.

And today it’s Friday Friday Friday and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s what’s up:
Friday: Tonight I have my book club meeting. My friend Alan, also a devoted member of the club, is off working and living a fancy-pants international life in Germany for six months, will be Skyping in to the meeting. This is to illustrate how devoted we are. Insane levels of devoted, I tell you. I, of course, don't need to remind you how much I love book club. Buckets.

Saturday: DRAMATIC SIGH. Jane and I will be going to my cousin’s daughter’s First Communion and reception. I’ve given Greg a free pass to skip it so he can go down to the boat. He has so taken one for the team lately, taking care of Jane a lot because the rehearsal schedule for the show I’m in is super-busy. After that, I am not sure what we’re doing, but I intend to be outside because it was rainy and gloomy here all week, and it’s going to be again next week, but tomorrow is supposed to be beeyootiful and I NEED SUN AND VITAMIN D, PLEASE.

Sunday: Mother’s Day! I’ve got my fingers crossed for a new iPod, if I’m being truthful. Jane and I will probably take a quick trip to my mom’s in the morning, and then in the afternoon I’m heading off to the NYC for crazy good times with my friends Beth and Lisa until Monday. That’s right – I’m abandoning my family on Mother’s Day. I AM A JERK.

(But seriously, side note: I am racking up some major mom guilt for being away from Jane so much the past few weeks. I feel like an asshole and a jerk but I only do shows a couple of times a year and it makes me happy to do something for me but OH THE GUILT. Ugh.)

Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter, you know by now that you are going to be assaulted with many  NYC-themed and probably increasingly drunk tweets, and I’m pre-apologizing for that. I AM SORRY, DEAR TWEEPS. My Twitter finger gets itchy when I'm with these people.

And that’s what up, peeps. But what I really want to know is, what’s up with YOU?


lgaumond said...

I still feel a little hurt when you talk about your SUPER-FANTASTIC-AWESOME-BOOK-CLUB-YAY-SPARKLES! because, hey! You were already IN an awesome book club when you dumped it for the other one. But don't worry, I stopped crying myself to sleep over it a few weeks ago.

Anyhoo... I hope that you have a sunny and awesome mother's day weekend because you deserve it. I will look forward to Sunday's live drunken NYC tweeting!

Tracy said...

I'm good! I've missed your posts! I love hearing about your "exploits". I just love to read your adventures, my dear! Keep posting. We're here. :)

Alan said...

Am I the SPARKLES in our book club? Yes, I think so!