Friday, April 27, 2012


My friend’s father had a major heart attack a couple of days ago. The latest prognosis is “grim,” to use an ugly word from the neurologist.

Another friend’s boyfriend died last night in a car accident.

Another friend just announced that she is getting a divorce; she had two young boys, one less than a year old.

This has been a tremendously hard week for my friends. I can’t stop thinking about any of them. My mind jumps from one to the next.

This would be the day that I would typically blog about my weekend plans. My weekend plans are this: to try not to focus on the stupid shit that annoys me on a regular basis. To remember what I have. To hug my people. To be grateful for life.

I’m a big believer in the fact that the daily dramas of our life are important to our sanity. Getting fully riled up about how shitty Glee is, freaking out about whoever the presumptive Republican nominee is this week, wondering if I should just set fire to all of my clothing because I hate all of it – these are the things that keep me from really focusing on the reality of life.

It’s fleeting. So fast. And hard, incredibly hard sometimes. And can be taken away in an instant. Just like that.

This weekend, I want to remember that, and hold close the things that truly matter. I am so lucky, so very lucky, in this little life of mine, and remembering that feels like the greatest lesson I can take from this week.

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Unknown said...

Oh my dear friend, I'm with you. Too much this year. TOO FRAKKING MUCH. Last week was tough for me as you know - too - not in the quantity you have had to endure - but my one loss is still choking me up. I haven't "allowed" myself to think - really think about it because I start to cry. Everything is fleeting in this life. Trying to hold on is the hard part... love to you and your friends and family during this time and always. HUGS