Wednesday, April 25, 2012

millionth verse, same as the first

Just clearing out the dustballs over here. I swear, if I had anything new to say, I would be blogging more. But it feels like my days are on repeat. My life currently equals work, rehearsals, learning lines, and taking Jane to dance class and birthday parties. Oh, and going to Target. More or less.

Last weekend our friends came up from New Jersey, and we had an absolutely epic time. The birthday party I took Jane to Saturday afternoon turned out to be a harrowing experience (for me) – it was one of those big places with a bunch of bounce house equipment and is basically a free-for-all for kids and accidents. So I spent the entire time making sure Jane wasn’t hurt/lost, and making sure the complete douchebag of a father (from another party happening at the same time) who was running around jumping on all of the equipment (NOT MADE FOR A 40-SOMETHING, LET ME ASSURE YOU) wasn’t squashing my daughter at the same time. Douche. Bag. God, I hate that guy. What in the fuck is wrong with you, guy? Stop re-living your childhood. You are a grown ass man.

So by the time we went out for drinks and dinner on Saturday night with our friends, I was very very (very!) ready. Two glasses of wine had me pretty loopy, and I was laughing so hard in the middle of the street at one point I thought I was going to fall down. It was great. So often we use babysitters for nights where Greg has one meeting and I’m at something else – it was nice to actually go out  together with other adult humans. We always know we’re being fancy when there are no crayons offered at the restaurant.

Tonight I have a production meeting for my show – not only am I in it, I’m also helping out on the production end, so it feels like I’m living at our rehearsal hall this week. Luckily it’s fun (that’s why we do it, right?) but I’m taking Jane to the meeting with me, because she has HAD IT with the fact I’ve been out at rehearsals so much. I’ve been explaining to her that she gets to do fun things like dance and swim, Daddy gets to go to band practice with his friends, and I get to do theater sometimes. She seems to think it’s fine for her and Greg to do fun things, but I shouldn’t be allowed to. So that’s nice.

Like I said, I've been working on learning my lines for this show, which we are supposed to have done by this upcoming Sunday. I work on it daily but I have to tell you, that is my least favorite part of being in a show. Once they're down, it's great, but the getting there is just work. Right now I feel like my brain is stuffed with a whole bunch of sentences but I'm not sure when and where I'm supposed to say them, and if I turn my head too quickly they will all fall out. Sunday should be.....interesting, to say the least.

Oh! And my iPod shit the bed. I can’t believe it. I got it five years ago before I had Jane, so I could have the perfect playlist in the delivery room (it never came out of the suitcase, of course - best laid plans and all) and halfway through my walking yesterday it just froze. It’s done. I am sadfacing all over the place about this. I need my muuuuuuusic. I’ve already alerted the proper authorities that I would like a new one for Mother’s Day. Glad that’s right around the corner!

In 21 more posts, I will be at my 1000th post on this blog. I mean, that's something, right? I feel like there should be a prize or something. For me. Or you guys. Or someone. Probably you guys.

How’s your week?



Brandeewine said...

I honestly don't know how you do it. Memorizing is not something I would ever be good at. My head is stuffed with all sorts of random crap that is only useful when someone needs the name of some actor, or can't remember some stupid line from Ferris Buehler's Day Off. I can't tell you what I had for breakfast and couldn't come up with three sentences in a row of dialogue from a favorite book.

As for the Jane thing...moms aren't supposed to have lives. Don't you know that? I had about 24 hours completely to myself in my house, and for the life of me couldn't figure out how I ever stand all of the noise my family makes, and also couldn't figure out what to do first. I ended up sitting on the couch, watching the BIG tv (I never get to watch it, as someone's always playing video games or watching stupid MTV shows) and watched random old movies, doing none of the things I'd planned.

Hope the rehearsals go well!

Tracy said...

Ha ha! I totally hear you! AND Brandee is so right! It's crazy! You do rock, Amanda. Such fun you have. I wish I were more social. I used to be but these last few years, I've sort of sunk into myself, I think. I hope you get a new iPod! Fingers crossed! Music - MUST HAVE music. I did the same thing with AnneShirley. I had music planned for when I was in the hospital and everything - didn't even come out of the bag. LOL! Loved this post because it is YOU! And hearing about your days and your life - is lovely.

Bibliomama said...

I got my ipod for mother's day. Eve called it an ipot, which conjured up amusing notions of a pot that cooked food by itself, or digital marijuana. I think I'd be great at learning lines, but then the paralyzing fear when I was on stage would prevent me from delivering them. And kids are such assholes sometimes, right?