Thursday, April 19, 2012

weekend update.

It it time for the weekend update.'s slightly early but tomorrow's busy and frankly, it's astounding that I'm blogging at all. Here's the plan:

Friday: Workity work work work. Then some line studying, which I've been doing every day this week. The funny thing is, you can know your lines super-well at home, but the second you are in rehearsal, it all goes to shit. Speaking of rehearsal, I have that tomorrow night. Friday night! This is the first show I've ever done that has Friday night rehearsals (every other week). Prior to that I have my weekly happy hour, so this should be interesting.

Saturday: We have friends coming into town for the weekend (Greg's old college roommate and his wife). They should get here when Jane and I are at yet another birthday party Saturday afternoon. We are constantly at birthday parties, for reals. Her social life is so much better than mine. Saturday night we're going out to dinner with our friends at a real adult restaurant with no crayons. No crayons! Whoo hoo! And I'm going to eat what I want because I reached my goal weight this week, oh yes I did.

Sunday: Probably go out to breakfast with the friends, and then it's off to rehearsal all afternoon.

But seriously, what are you up to? I want to know!


Brandeewine said...

You DO have a fun social life! You're always doing fun stuff.

The boys are headed up to Bellingham, WA for Dave's sister's wedding. Izzy & I are staying home because her prom is Saturday night.

Tomorrow night, while Izzy's at work, I'm going with my cousins, aunt & parents to see Craig Ferguson.

Other than that, I'm working on a project with Tracy.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the crayon-free've earned it!

Bibliomama said...

I'm going to a book launch! Seriously, nine week-ends out of ten you could ask me what I'm doing and it'd be 'housework and reading and hauling my kids around to wherever', but tonight my husband gets home from Poland and tomorrow I'm going to a book launch! And dinner! Even though I haven't been at my goal weight since I was six!

Tracy said...

Oh how did i miss this post? we went to Chicago this last weekend and had a blast. we needed it. especially after the news about our friend. i felt guilty for having fun though...that was hard. i'm so glad to have you for a friend and the support that you and the others offer me. thank you, amanda. hugs.