Friday, June 15, 2012

weekend update.

It’s the freakin’ weekend, and I am so happy. We finally have a nice stretch of excellent weather coming up here in the Northeast, and I am ALL ABOUT IT. This week has been a little bit of lunacy – my workplace was in lockdown for a few hours the other morning because of a threat of violence, Jane graduated from preschool (I don’t know how she’s almost five when I haven’t aged a day since she was born), I found out a young friend had a serious, and seriously freaky, health scare – all in all, a little too much drama for this mama. Here’s what’s on tap this weekend:
Friday: After-work coffee date with friends, then happy hour with other friends, then going to see another friend in Guys and Dolls, one of my very favorite musicals. It’s a friends day – what’s better than that?
Saturday: Going to my friend’s daughter’s birthday party, and get to see a bunch of my peeps I haven’t seen in way too long, considering they are my best friends. Life, you know? But I’m really looking forward to this. I would not be surprised at all if Jane and I headed down to the boat after to meet up with Greg and stay ‘til Sunday.

Sunday: Well, it’s Father’s Day, so Greg gets his way – you know what that means. ALL BOAT, ALL THE TIME. My mom is coming down too, and probably my in-laws. Supposed to be gorgeous, so I’m down with it.
Monday: Monday is part of my weekend, and I am just waaaay too excited about it not to report that I will be in my favorite city with some of my favorite tweeps. Holy shit. I have never had a Tweet-up before and I am BEYOND about this. BE. YOND.  (And nervous. I hope they don’t think I’m going to be cool in any way. I am a huge nerd. Everyone knows this, right?)

What’s up with your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Wait, you don't expect ME to be cool, right? RIGHT?! -littleyawps

Tracy said...

Ohhh the fun! I'm late to the comments but I always delight in finding a new post by you!