Monday, July 09, 2012

my (not-so-triumphant) return.

Oh Lord.

I have sucked so bad at this blogging thing over the past few months. And it keeps popping into my head, and I keep not writing anything.

Sorry about that.

I figured that when I made my triumphant return over here, I damn well better have something monumental to say. Instead, I will bore you with the standard minutiae of my life, per usual.

It’s been fairly chaotic around here lately, for reasons I’ll talk on the blog and reasons I won’t. We hosted our big annual Fourth of July party at my house, and prepping for that was the nightmare it always is when you’re having a bunch of people over. Two days later I had the cast from the show I was in recently over to watch the DVD, which was so much fun. I also went to my friends’ family summer party, Greg’s family’s summer party, and a triple-birthday party. I also went to dinner on two separate nights with different friends. And went to coffee with another friend. And the beach with another friend. And drank an epic amount of wine and sangria. And this was just the past week.

This week I am looking to detox myself of all of the alcohol and bad food I ate. I am going to exercise, hopefully a lot, which I haven’t done in well over a week. I’m going to try to combat some anxiety I’ve been having. And what I am going to do the most is look forward to my vacation, which starts next Saturday.

And how are you? I’ve missed you.


Stereo said...

Your social life is freaking enviable, woman. When we put our living in the basement plan into action, be sure to invite me up to shock your party guests.

Tracy said...

I miss you too! I love reading about your social life. It's so completely opposite to my own life. So I live vicariously through you (in a non-stalker-type way) of course. :)

Lora said...

I was hoping you were busy having fun!! I'm glad your back. No need to make your comeback posts huge things, just a little note here and there is a great start!