Friday, July 27, 2012

weekend update.

You know what I’m excited about? The August Break. I’m doing it again! I think it’s just the thing to pull me out of my major blogging rut. So what if my camera is broken and I only have my Blackberry to take pics, right? So that’s coming up next week.

But first. It’s the weekend! And it is a crazytown one, that’s for sure. Here’s what’s up:
Friday: Tonight I’m going to see a friend of mine perform here in Death of a Salesman. No wait, first I’m going to continue cleaning my house in preparation for tomorrow. Sometimes it seems like all I do is clean my house for parties during the month of July. Then tonight I’m going to see Death of a Salesman. Nothing like some hilarious Arthur Miller to kick the weekend off, am I right?

Saturday: Ah yes. The day of Jane’s epic fairy princess birthday party. Forty-nine people. Nineteen kids. My. House. Will. Be. Trashed. PRAY FOR ME. After that we are going out for my friend Larry’s 40th birthday. I don’t know what’s so romantic about Halloween time that everyone has babies in July, but good Lord is this month crammed full of them.
Sunday: No real plan for Sunday, although I am sure I will be cleaning the wreckage that will be my house after the lunatics descend upon it on Saturday.

So I guess the theme for this weekend is birthdays. And cleaning.
What are you up to?

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