Monday, July 30, 2012

my weekend in three pictures.

My weekend started with this:

Really, we did have a bigger pool at Jane's birthday party. But who can understand five-year-old girls? Not me.

Continued with this:

Heather and I out past 6 p.m. on Saturday night without kids for my friend Larry's 40th! Wahoo!

And ended with this:

This would be my windshield after getting shattered as I was driving home last night from my mother's house. I was on the highway, no trucks or cars close to me, and my windshield exploded. Is someone out to get me? Scary.

How was your weekend?


Melbourne Childrenson said...

In answer to your question, like yours! On the way home from a kids party a truck threw a rock into the car windscreen and it was all over!
All the best

Stereo said...

Good Christ, WTH? Is this what we are to expect now? Exploding windshields?

Both you and Jane are gorgeous and sheesh, lady. I miss you.

Tracy said...

Nothing worse than a broken windshield. UGH! You are partying too much I think. The windshield couldn't take any more. :P

Joshua Turner said...

I think the thought that someone’s out to get you is really scary. So perish that. For your peace of mind, think that maybe it was just an overripe fruit that couldn’t hold on any longer to its branch. Didn’t you find any evidence of what might be the thing that would cost you money for your windshield repair? I hope you did not harm yourself. :)

Joshua Turner