Thursday, August 16, 2012

august break: day 16

Got to visit my favorite bookstore in the state recently. I seriously think I breathe easier when I'm in there. Any bookstore, really. But this one especially.

I'm doing The August Break. It's easy and fun. Join me, won't you?


Kim said...

I love a bookstore like this that feels like home. When I get out of town--and it feels strange to admit this--I hit up google maps and plot out where the bookstores are in relation to where I'm going to be.

Tracy said...

Same here! Jess and I often have "dates" at the bookstore where we just browse around, sip coffee and enjoy the atmosphere. I go to the bookstore when I'm stressed and just need to chill. I go to the bookstore whenever I can. I would love a place like this nearby. Barnes and Noble just doesn't have that same quality.