Monday, January 15, 2007

Grease is the word

So, I'm helping out with auditions for Grease in Southington. Anytime I watch auditions for a musical, I realize how much I lack the cojones to sing and dance in front of other people. Do a straight show? Sure, no problem at all. I love it. But I really can't sing (like, not even "Happy Birthday") and my dancing skillz are even worse. When I was watching the auditionees up there learning the dance combination, all I thought to myself was, "If I had a month to learn that, I couldn't." Yet these 16-year-old girls were getting it down in two seconds. I guess we all have our talents, and when it comes to musicals, mine come everywhere else but on stage (unless it's doing a set change during a blackout).


Alan said...

I feel the same! I'm done with doing musicals for the same reasons and when there is dancing in a straight show (like in Picasso), it takes me forever to get it right!

Flann said...

Hey, I'll let Nate know, but I know he feels the same way about musicals as you and Alan do. (Alan, the Picasso dance break was one of the highlights of the show, by the way, so no worries about that!) He can sing, but he can't dance and feels so self-conscious about it.

A friend already sent along an audition notice for NB Rep and they're doing their auditions for Grease at the same time as yours, oddly. Are you guys working together on it or something?

lgaumond said...

I saw you dance on stage in 'Rumors'. You were awesome. You danced like Snoopy did in the Charlie Brown Christmas movie.