Friday, January 26, 2007

two words

So I was just driving home from work and I heard someone on the radio talking about a survey that asks people to give two words that described them in high school and two words that describe them now. I thought that was interesting, and came up with my words right away (actually they are not single words, but whatever).

High school:
*drama geek
*rocker chick

*theater geek
*in transition

OK, now it's your turn!


lgaumond said...

Hmm... I can't think of one-worded answers so I'll have to cheat like you.

High school: "big hair" or "compulsive worrier"
and now: "creatively mellow" or "technologically enamored".
Those are pretty queer but two words are HARD!

Try coming up with a sentence that describe you based on the letters in your first name. When I had my first back spasm and my body was all crooked and my doctor thought one of my legs was longer than the other I came up with this one for LISA: Leans Involuntarily, Side Aches.

The Diva said...

You know, all I can come up with are words for high school, and they totally don't follow the rules...

"regrettable orthodontics"
"huge glasses"

I may not necessarily enjoy my age now, but eGADS 15 was rough. Glad to not be there anymore.