Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oh, Top Chef, how you torment me

So, the thing I'm loving about "Top Chef" this season, is that they've got this character (oh wait, I guess he's not a character, he's a real person) Marcel, and he's kind of a d**k, in an immature, socially retarded way, and all season everyone's really been hating on him. He's got this chick Betty just about ready to kill him since episode one, and since then, it seems like everyone else has turned against him, including the relatively benign Sam and Ilan, both of whom threw big fat hissy fits at him during last night's episode. But the thing is, everyone is being so horrible to him at the point - what with Ilan trash-talking his dish to the judges during the actual competition and what not - that now I actually feel sorry for him. That is, until he goes and does something d**kish again, which, inevitably, is five seconds later. By the very end, I really was rooting for either Ilan or Betty to get booted, because I really just felt bad for Marcel. Happily, the screechy Betty is gone. But Marcel? Lay off the foams.

It just makes me happy because usually there is a clear "good guy" and "bad guy," but in this case, I just can figure out who is who. Bravo really has some kick-ass reality TV shows.

(This blog entry won't make sense to anyone except Melissa, but I really felt like I had to get it off my chest. Perhaps you'd like me to blog about the TiVo'ed marathon of "America's Next Top Model" that I've been watching? I thought not.)


The Diva said...

I agree - it's been an interesting season. Betty was decent, but has no place in the top 3. Michael and his facial herpes need to go next - and Marcel is just a rat. Have I mentioned I'm in love with Sam?

lgaumond said...

You are right - makes no sense at all! But it sounds cool. I like cooking shows.

I'm just too cheap for good cable. My basic service just dropped in price this month - it's now $11 a month! Can't beat that.