Thursday, October 04, 2007

this girl rocks the house

So being home a lot this summer, I have watched a lot of television that I normally wouldn't. I got hooked on a couple shows on TLC, and I kept seeing commercials for a documentary called Crazy Sex Cancer. I haven't seen it yet (they are re-airing it in October) but it was done by a woman named Kris Carr, who is my age, who was diagnosed with rare and inoperable cancer in 2003. Since then, she has reinvented what it means to live with cancer - and is the incredibly positive, awesome, kick-ass kind of person we should all hope to be. Check out her Crazy Sexy Cancer blog - hey, if I think it's awesome - and you know how much I avoid medical things -you will too. It's far less about anything medical, and more just having a life-positive frame of mind, which we could all use more of, or at least I could sometimes.

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