Friday, November 16, 2007

Dear Alan, are you there? It's me, Amanda

I was just driving in my car and realizing that I haven't heard from my friend and top e-mail buddy Alan in a couple of days. So here is a public shout-out, wondering if he's alive, or if one of his potions revolted on him. Also, Alan, if you are alive, I want you to know that I also think water is precious, but I want to hear some of your other thoughts now.
**picture is courtesy of Alan's blog. I am 3o lbs lighter than that now, and with one less baby inside me.


Alan said...

Sorry, crazy, nasty week - couple of weeks. The funny thing is that I hadn't looked at your blog when I actually posted something new on mine - well, it's "new" but maybe calling it "something" is overstating the situation.

Anywhooo, hope you and Greg are doing well and that Jane's poo is clear. Well not clear, but you know what I mean!

Alan said...

And I've seriously missed our e-mail chats!