Friday, November 30, 2007

UPDATE to previous post, where I hoped I would have a good weekend

Ha. Yeah. Right. Anyway, Jane had a great doctor's appointment, except for the fact that she has an ear infection. Thankfully we happened to have an appointment today, and they caught it really early, so hopefully the antibiotics will kick in soon. She's all full of the drugs today, considering she also had some vaccinations (yeah, we are the horrible parents who get their kid vaccinated) and infant's Tylenol. THEN, I realized I had a huge 'ol patch of hives on my legs, so I went to my doctor, just to have someone else check it out. She was not very impressed - her thought was that it may be allergies or stress. She wants me to go for blood tests for allergies, but who has time? Because I had to rush back so Greg could go off to the walk-in clinic, because he thinks he may have a sinus infection.

Is it OK if I bathe in Purell? Is that harmful in some way?

Oh, the stats on Jane are these: she weighs 14 lbs and she's 25 inches long. She's a growing little monkey!

UPDATE to my update: Greg does have a sinus infection. Get your Hazmat suit if you're coming to my house!


Flann said...

Yikes. I think you deserve a trip to Bath & Body Works for some antibacterial lotion in all sorts of fun scents.

Hope everyone's on the mend soon. :(

Alan said...

Hey, maybe on the plus side you've all got your "winter sicknesses" out of the way and they won't interfere with the Christmas season!

The Diva said...

Gross. Don't let Junior eat the Purell.