Friday, November 09, 2007

weekend update

Hey, remember when I used to post things about my weekends? Because back then, it seemed like my weekends were different from, you know, the rest of the week. But then maternity leave came, and I never knew which end was up, never mind whether it was Friday or Wednesday or Monday. It was all the same - one long run-on day with no end in sight. Well, it's still kind of the same thing now, except during my days, I have to go to work - so I have more of an idea of when the weekend actually is.

These days, the weekend symbolizes great relief. It is so great not to have to do the dance I have to do during the work week, in terms of getting everyone ready and out the door, and at the same time, it's great not to have to do the end of the day dance as well. The days seem (and are) far less rushed and usually more enjoyable.

That said, I put a lot more stock in my weekends. I really need them to be peaceful, and fun, and relaxing, or there is no way I can even slightly recharge for the next week. But so far, since I've been back to work, my weekends have not really been like that at all. Here's hoping this weekend is.

Tomorrow night, I'm working house at SCT's 50th anniversary show. I have never been more out-of-the-loop on an SCT show in over 10 years. In fact, as the curtain goes up right about now for tonight's performance, all I can think about is going to bed. So Greg and Jane will be on their own tomorrow evening - my first weekend night out without the baby ever.

Sunday we are going to my friend Cathy's house to see her new baby. I'm sure Jane will seem ginormous in comparison.

Those are my official plans for the weekend. Who knows what else will crop up. Hope you all are doing something much more exciting!

(P.S. No news on the poop front. After her command pooping performance in the doctor's office, she hasn't gone since. Whatever. Just goes to show you that she'll never listen to her mommy.)

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lgaumond said...

YAY! I missed the weekend updates! So glad they're back.