Monday, January 14, 2008

snow day!

I worked from home today because we got about 8 inches of snow in my area, and it's a lot easier to just work from home than have to shovel early, slide all the way to daycare in my sled of a car, slide to work and be late, late, late. It's actually been a productive day, even! I did take the time to have Greg take these pics of Jane out in the snow (this will be considered her "first snowstorm," since I haven't gotten it together enough to take pics in earlier snowstorms this year). I'm not one to get all gooey about my baby (at least in front of others), but seriously - doesn't she looks so candylicious in her new sweater and hat!? I love it! Also, take note of young James in the background. He has been in and out of the house about a million times today. No one loves it more when I work from home than Jimmy!

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lgaumond said...

I love that hat! She does look candylicious. And not very rota virus-y. That's good.