Monday, January 07, 2008

things and stuff

Here are some things I'm thinking about this Monday:

RENT was awesome. I know you probably expected me to say that, but after seeing something 18 times, one can get a little jaded about how good the cast members are. But I really can't say that anyone was off. There was an understudy for Mimi, who is played these days by the old American Idol finalist, Tamyra Gray. Well, I don't know about Tamyra, but this girl was great. Tons of energy that you don't always see with Mimi. And I loved the girl who played Maureen, and by "girl" I mean, WOW, this cast is young. The guy who played Mark (I know I'm being lazy about actors' names; if you really want to know what their real names are, check out the official site) came out to give autographs while Heather and I were waiting for our fancy limo, and all I could think was, "Man oh man, he is young, young, young. OR, I am old, old, old." So, I prefer to think he is young, young, young.

Side note: We did not get, nor were we waiting for, his autograph. While I would like to say that I am too cool and above things like that, because I have a decent number of opportunities to meet actors, I will say that I could barely speak when I met Mark Ruffalo two years ago, and did ask to get my picture taken with him. No - wait - I didn't ask him. I made my friend ask him. So, me = not cool.

Jane has spent the past two nights sleeping soley in her crib. We've been moving her around from carseat (yes, I am horrified to admit we were still relying on the carseat for parts of the night) to the pack and play and now the crib, and, like I said, she has spent the past two nights just in her crib. The night before last was horrendous - she cried on and off throughout the night - but last night she did good. I pray to the gods of sleep that this continues. She has been rolling over so much lately, that she is now sleeping on her stomach. First time ever! A big no-no for babies who can't roll, but since she can, I won't wake her up to flip her.

And finally, the list of top 100 names of 2007 was released - and Jane is not on the list! Thank God! I was nervous that somehow the name became popular behind my back.

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