Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So. Hey! How are you? I haven't see you in a while. Sorry about the blog being so dull. I always think to myself, "I should blog about something, because I so enjoy reading everyone else's blogs." And then I hem and haw about what I should write, and have come to the grand conclusion that my life is dull-ass boring. I mean, I enjoy it. I'm just pretty sure that everyone else must read this thing and be like, "God, I'm glad I'm not her."

That said, as you can see, I don't have a lot to report. We get MLK Day off of work, but I went into work yesterday and took today off instead. I have to take Jane to the doctor because she has a little rash on her stomach that hasn't gone away, plus she's developed yet another lovely cold/cough. So it should be fun, being the germophobe that I am, to go into the den of sickness known as the pediatrician's office this morning. Ewwww.

Jane has been busy rolling around a lot, eating different foods, and generally just being so much fun to be around. I find myself getting teary every morning when I leave her now, because she's so cool to hang out with all day (and being uncool myself, I have to attach myself to all of the cool people I can). Greg has been very busy with the boat (I've mentioned the boat, right?) so we've had a lot of alone time together. She has completely grown out of her 3-6 month clothes and is on to 6-9 month clothes. And let me tell ya, when people were throwing me bags of hand-me-downs when she was born, I was a little like, "whatever," but now, oh my, it's so great to have all of these "new" outfits that I didn't have to buy!

If I haven't mentioned the boat, we now have a boat. It's a business venture for Greg, but also, we have a 44-foot boat. Come visit us this summer! We'll be on a boat! Bring a life jacket!

Has anyone been watching the new seasons of "Rock of Love with Bret Michaels" and "Scott Baio is 46...and Pregnant"? Because - awesome (as Bret would say). Why anyone would not want to watch these shows is beyond me. And yeah, maybe it's not all cultural and whatnot, but so what. Dip your head in the toilet water cesspool of TV once in a while. It's great!

Update on Rent: I bought tickets to see the matinee performance on June 1, the last day. Couldn't get tix for the final performance - I suspect it will be a charity event.

So. That's that. Don't you wish you had that two minutes of your life back?


lgaumond said...

You have a BOAT??? I'm so jealous. I want a boat as a business venture. Will you be offering three-hour tours? I'll be there this summer with my life jacket, Molly's life jacket, and my sunscreen (oh, and Luke, too).

And cut it out about being boring! Blogging is about reporting real life! Going to the pediatrician with the lovely Miss Jane is real life and that's what makes it interesting. You don't have to go skydiving and then have drinks with Mark Ruffalo (although that would be nice) to have an interesting blog entry to write. Just keep it real (did I really just type that?) and I'll keep reading!

The Diva said...

Boat? Does Greg need me to test his business venture out by hosting me holding a cold beer?

Also - I was wondering about that final performance - I'll have to see if there is a way to scam us tickets.

finally - stop it about being boring. You're not. So there.

Alan said...

Agreed. Not boring. Blog away.