Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry merry.

We kicked off our Christmas Eve not in the relaxing way I expected, but with an unscheduled trip down to the boat so we could get Jane's pack and play (baby jail) that Greg thought he left down there. We need it for tonight when we're at my mom's - see, I live in fairy fantasyland where Jane will go to sleep so I can play board games and have fun until the wee hours (10 p.m.-or maybe even later!). Anyway, Greg couldn't find it at the house so off we all went. Of course it wasn't there. So we stopped for breakfast and now we're back home, where he still couldn't find it. We were just about to call my friend to borrow hers, and then I finally decided to look around and spotted it in the garage. I am obviously awesome like Nancy Drew, solving mysteries and shit, but perhaps I would be even awesomer if I looked before we took our early-morning field trip.

With all that said, I hope you have a very merry and safe Christmas Eve and Christmas. I am both excited for the holidays and the fact that my overdue friend Jackie is currently in labor, all Mary of Nazareth style, on Christmas Eve. New baby!


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