Monday, September 20, 2010

and then it was Monday.

I had every intention of posting some pictures of my sister's party on my blog today, but my camera is allllll the way over there in the kitchen and I'm allllll the way over here on the couch and it's just not gonna happen right now.

We kicked the shit out of this weekend. Like I mentioned, we had my friend's son's birthday on Friday after work. Well, right after I left (because, you remember, I was going to see two other friends in a play, which was just as hilarious as always, by the way) the birthday boy started to open his presents. Turns out one of his presents was an alien mask. Which, to put it mildly, Jane DID. NOT. LIKE. Greg said her screaming sounded like someone had broken her leg. So they hustled it out of there quickly.

Greg and Jane actually went down to the boat and stayed over on Friday night, which left me all by my lonesome on Saturday morning. Well, except for the dogs. Who are actually very needy. I'm finally doing my power walking a few times a week again (if you work with me or live with me, you know I complain about the five pounds I have to lose on a daily, if not hourly, basis), so I did four miles, which was great. (For me.) (Guys, it is SO HARD to squeeze in exercise, but it MUST BE DONE.) Anyway, after that I did massive amounts of shopping for my sister's party, and then spent the remainder of the day doing party prep.

The party was great, and woah, did I drink a lot. I'm not much of a drinker these days, so the four cosmos I drank completely did me in. I had a blast, and the party was a success.

Sunday, we did not end up going to the Big E - we just didn't have the energy for the traffic and the crowds and to be honest, my stomach couldn't handle deep-fried anything yesterday. So instead, we went down to the boat and stayed over last night. I slept for about five seconds, because the water was a little rough and the boat was pretty bouncy. Everyone else slept fine though, especially Jimmy, who seemed to be hogging the entire bed. How does a 30 pound dog do that?

That brings us to this morning. Greg and I drove to the boat separately yesterday, so I could fly home early in the morning. I left the boat at 6:15, got home by 7, finished up an art project for Jane (don't the preschool teachers know if they hand out homework, the parents have to do it? This is why I'm not getting my master's. I don't want to do HOMEWORK), took a shower, and sped off to work. And I was feeling pretty good about getting to work in under two hours from the time I left the boat when WHAM! - while getting out of my car in the parking garage I turned around fast to get something and slammed my forehead into the top corner of the door. I was pretty stunned and when I looked at my reflection in the window I thought I had dented my head. But I quickly found out it was bleeding. Yes, I basically piereced my head with my car door. So now I have a sweet bump and cut. AWESOME way to kick off a week. My birthday week, no less!

The end.


Dwayne "The Train" said...

normally i would just post something snarky here about how you are overreacting and there is not way you "pierced [your] head with [your] car door;" however, I saw that "sweet bump and cut" and that shiznet was fo' real. you looked like you got into a knife fight--in fact, that's a better story. start telling people you got into a knife fight and that you won.

lgaumond said...

I agree with Dwayne. You need to come up with a better story. At the very least, can't you tell everyone is was an unfortunate result of dancing on the bar after your four Cosmos on Saturday?

I'm going to the Big E this Saturday so I'll eat deep fried everything in your honor.

Debra said...

Poor Jane (alien mask)((sorry, but I laughed))
Poor Amanda (pierced forehead)
I agree with those two commenters up ^^^ there; knife fight, bar dancing, something equally unique.
You'll never have trouble remembering which years b-day photos you're looking at huh?. :)

Anonymous said...

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