Friday, September 17, 2010

weekend. update.

So, so happy it's Friday - and it's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend - yay! Here's what I'm up to:

Tonight: Going to my friend's 10-year-old's birthday party briefly, then going to see two of my friends in the play Rumors -one of my all-time favorites. It's so hilarious (if done correctly) and I am really looking forward to it. Despite the fact that it's taking place at a theater I vowed never to work at again from my one terrible experience there in a show. But that's another story.

Saturday: Going to my sister's house to prep for my other sister's surprise birthday party, which is taking place tomorrow night. Lots to do, but hopefully it will be a fun. It's been a year of surprise parties in my family (my mom turned 70 in April, as you remember, and my eldest sister turned 50 this month). She is completely not expecting it - but she really deserves to be celebrated. Her life has not been easy over the past couple of years.

Sunday: I have given Greg the choice for Sunday. We will either go to the boat or the Big E. I haven't been to the Big E in about 10 years, at least, so it will be fun to go with Jane - not to mention all of the delicious foods that I can stuff my face with. (This is where you should remind me that I am trying to lose five pounds before my birthday NEXT WEEK.) (I have lost 2.)

What are you doing this weekend? I want comments!


Flann said...

Tomorrow I am going to SCENIC WEST HARTFORD to have dinner with some friends at The Counter.

Sunday I am going to Cornwall to visit family and a giant doggie.

Audrey said...

Shane and I are having a very boring, wonderful weekend. Today we slept in, cleaned up around the apartment, went to DQ for lunch and Blizzards, and went to see Going the Distance tonight (very cute and very funny...but it made me cry).

Tomorrow is currently undecided but at the very least we'll be bringing the pup out for some exercise.

I must say, I'm extremely jealous that you might be going to the Big E though. I'm really hoping we'll go again this year. I freaking love it!

lgaumond said...

I spent Saturday on the CT River looking at your boat from aboard another boat. Seriously, my timing is way off. The ONE day you're not there...

Today I did nothing. Nothing. OK, I hung out with the chickens and made some pesto. Other than that, nothing. I hope you went to the Big E - the weather was perfect for it!