Saturday, October 02, 2010

one minute review

Just a quick note to say we ended up going to the movies yesterday afternoon - it was awesome, because I truly cannot remember the last time I was at a movie in the middle of a work day - and we saw The Social Network. I'm a total Facebook junkie and to see the scandal behind the creation (well - Aaron Sorkin's version of the scandal, anyway) was very cool. Of course, I had forgotten it was a Sorkin-scripted movie until the first scene, when the words were coming so fast out of the characters' mouths that my brain had to work to keep up (kind of how you have to get used to Shakespeare's language when you first start reading one of his plays, and then after a while, it all seems normal. Not that I am comparing Sorkin to Shakespeare, because, good English major that I am, I would never do that.)

Anyway, rant over. Go see it. And write a way more detailed review than this.

PS The movies! In the middle of the day! With popcorn! How decadant!

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Debra said...

I'm *so* excited to see this movie & you just ramped that up! :)