Friday, October 01, 2010

weekend. update.

OK, this has to be a quickie because I have a house full of sleeping people who will soon be waking's what's on tap for this weekend:

Today (Friday): This work week was sooo crazy that I worked enough hours to be able to take today off - which was great, because our friends Jackie and Dimitry (Dimitry is Greg's old college roommate) are visiting from New Jersey and it's much easier to spend time with them if I don't have to be at the office. : ) We were going to go down to the boat (they've never seen it) but with this tropical storm-like weather we have, we may stick closer to home. Even if we end up at the mall, I know we'll have a great time. Tonight my niece is babysitting so we actually get to go out like real adults! You know, after the sun sets and everything! Wahooo!

Saturday: I believe our friends are heading home tomorrow morning, so I am hoping after we will head to the Apple Harvest Festival, which is happening in my hometown this weekend and next. I love it because a) the apple fritters are amazing, seriously; b) I see lots of people I haven't seen in a long time; c) there's lots of other good food and rides and fair stuff and I obviously am a big fan of that; d) the apple fritters are amazing. (Truly worth two mentions.)

Sunday: We may head to the parade at the fair. However, I haven't run this by Greg so it may take some convincing. A LOT of convincing. It's a huge parade and, like, 200,000 people attend. Greg doesn't love crowds like this. Or parades. So we'll see. Otherwise, we will probably go to the boat - quickly running out of weekends for that!

What are you up to this weekend - you know how much I love comments! : )

PS Had the opportunity to see Blue Man Group in Boston this week. Holy crap. I had no interest in seeing this show (I went for work purposes) - but I LOVED IT. And want to see it again. IMMEDIATELY. So hilarious and great!


lgaumond said...

I'm gonna tell Dimitry you called him old.

Debra said...

Enjoy your 'night out' !!!
Hmmm...I've always wondered about Blue Man Group; good to know!
Lastly, please don't forget to overnight my apple fritters. You're the best! :)