Monday, January 03, 2011

and, we're back

After my lovely 10-day break from work and wearing big-girl shoes, I was back in the office today. I must admit, yesterday I did feel like it was time for all of us to get back into our regular schedule. I was a bit - dare I say it? - bored. But as I sit here, zombie-like, on my couch, dreading the bathtime/bedtime routine and realizing that I will have to get up even earlier tomorrow if I want to get out and exercise before work, I am ready to go back to my life of leisure. It doesn't help that I am recovering from a stomach bug, and feel incredibly dizzy. (No I am not pregnant.) (It sucks, when you are in your child-bearing years, that if you are sick, people give you knowing winks and smiles, when, seriously, they should back off because I'M SICK, yo. Not with fetus.)
But I digress.

Tomorrow night I have a theater board meeting where I hope to get some questions answered regarding the show I'm directing this winter. I'm antsy to get going, but we need to secure the rights and get the scripts before I can officially post an audition notice. I'm really anxious to do this!

I admit, this post isn't very exciting. But I said I would blog more, so this is what you get on this rather unispired evening. But here's a pic of the pups to make it all better.

Happy Monday!


Stereo said...

Whoa. Feel better, babe. This stomach bug is making its worldwide rounds. And yes, today is my first day back working and although it's only 12:32pm, I'm ready for another two week break :(

May-B said...

I am so using that phrase from now on. "No, I'm not with fetus." Awesome.