Friday, January 07, 2011

weekend update. also, logging off.

Well, internet friends, as I promised several times during reverb10, I am going to attempt a digital sabbatical. This weekend, I do not plan on turning on my computer at all. Just typing that sentence makes me twitchy. I seriously think I'm addicted to my laptop. But the problem is, when I'm staring at this screen, I'm depriving my loved ones of my wonderful company. : )

So this weekend, I'm logging off. But of course I have already found a way to cheat - I will be checking in on FB and Twitter once or twice a day. Baby steps, you know?

No major plans this weekend. Looking out the window at the snow tonight, and may watch the new Wall Street movie. (Side note: I saw Catfish last night. Weird movie, but worth seeing. Some people (you know who you are) think it's a real documentary. I, however, do not.) I need to hit the grocery store and Target, and we're getting together with friends tomorrow night. Oh, and I really need to de-Christmas-fy this house. It's starting to get depressing, and I think my Christmas tree might burst into flames.

So yeah. I know you're totally jealous of my plans. What are you doing this weekend?


Anonymous said...

I'm doing the same starting this weekend, but attempting a week! Eek. Hardcore at home, but can't escape the computer at work during the week. Good luck to you!

S said...


Debra said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with Christmas still up (well, not "up", but all piled up on a table).

Enjoy your time off the computer! We'll see you when we see you!


Stereo said...

Good luck and enjoy yourself, Amanda. But don't stay away too long.