Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a half-assed Tueday post. I mean, Wednesday. What day is it?

Seriously, I had to think for a bit there on what day today is. I have not been sleeping well over the past few nights. We were away last weekend in PA to see some friends - had an awesome time, especially because our friends have two young daughters who immediately became Jane's BFFs for life (I want to go see Cam and Mia again...when can we go see Cam and Mia...whaaaahhh). They bonded immediately and wow, I can see why people have more than one kid. You're not the constant source of entertainment all the time, you know? This is not enough to convince my old ass to have another - it was just something I noticed.

Something else aweome that happened during that trip  (besides the fact that we survived a 5.5 hour train ride to and fro with Jane) - our friend Jen's cousin is a professional chef. Who happened to have nothing to do on Saturday night. So he and his girlfriend, also a mighty fine cook, came over to cook us dinner. Homemade pumpkin ravioli. Short ribs. Mashed potatoes. A ridiculous pumpkin/chocolate chip cake. Holy shit. Delicious.

Anyway, between our travels and late rehearsals for my show, I have barely been getting 5 hours of sleep a night, and I think last night was less. Which today is really not OK, because I have to go do some voice recording for my job this morning and I feel pretty ugh. Fake it til you make it, right?

Speaking of my show - OMG, I am loving rehearsals so much. Like I said, I haven't been in a show since I was preggo with Jane - been directing and doing tech stuff since then - and I am having a total blast. I have been working my ass off this week to start memorizing my lines. That's the hard part, and wow, I really can't wait until they are all stuffed in my brain. My goal is to loosely have Act 1 in my head by Sunday, then next week focus on Act 2, and then I have another couple of weeks before we have to be totally off book for rehearsals. That script is a crutch, and I want to get rid of it - but there is a loooooong way to go before that. LOOOOOONG. But I love my cast and I am SO happy I'm doing this.

What's up with you on this fine Tuesday? I mean, Wednesday?


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Kim said...

That dinner! I'm salivating. It's after eleven at night and still. (I haven't made ravioli in a long time. Too long.)

Stereo said...

You had me at short ribs *massive sigh of hunger induced pain*